Pilates Reformer


**New!** Pilates Reformer One-On-One Sessions

Vital Core is excited to be able to offer our clients a new fitness experience in our new pilates reformer room located inside Bodyworks. We are now offering one-on-one reformer sessions for a personalized workout with one of our certified reformer trainers.

What to expect in a session:

Although the Reformer can look a little confusing and intimidating at first, with the guidance of your trainer you will soon be confident during your workout while using it. In our one-on-one sessions you will lie, kneel, stand, or sit on the apparatus while working through a series of movements and exercises. The benefits of Reformer are endless but a few include correcting movement patterns, improved stability, body awareness, flexibility, and most importantly create an overall balanced body and strong core -or “powerhouse,” as creator Joseph Pilates called it.

What is inside the studio:

The Pilates Reformer Cadillac

The “Cadillac” is an excellent tool for breaking down motion into small sections to restore correct movement patterns in the body. As an example is working with the resistance of the leg springs; one of the best ways to get your hamstrings to fully expand and contract. The Pilates Cadillac is can be used to progress or regress movement in order to address the functional needs of each client.

The Pilates High Ladder Barrel

Designed to strengthen the spine, center the torso, abdominal cavity, back and shoulder muscles. The barrel helps to maintain and adjust the curvature of the spine and also reduces tightness in the chest tissue.

Pilates Session Pricing


1 Private Session $95                          

5 Private Sessions $465                    

10 Private Sessions $900                    

20 Private Sessions $1740                 

50 Private Sessions $4250


2 Private Reformer Sessions (60 min each) for $120 dollars.


For more information & to book your first session email June at info@vitalcorewoburn.com