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All New – 6-Month Unlimited Membership!

We are now offering a 6-month membership with unlimited access to classes for only $99. Even better, become a member at our sister facility, BodyWorks Fitness Center for Women, and pay only $69 for this membership.

Purchase $99/mo Unlimited BodyWorks Exclusive: $69/mo

Class Descriptions

Vital Barre

Vital Core’s Barre class connects the body to the mind in a challenging full-body workout using light weights, planks, pushups, thigh and gluteal exercises all while engaging and developing your abs. This work is paired with ballet, yoga, and pilates inspired moves to sculpt the entire body—no muscle goes untouched. Every barre class is unique—you’ll never take the same class twice! A Vital Barre class will give you increased overall strength and stamina in addition to sculpted abs, legs, and age defying posture.

Vital HIIT Barre

Just like our Vital Barre class, but our talented instructors incorporate High Intensity Interval Training to make this workout one of our most challenging classes.

Vital Vinyasa Flow Yoga

A full body workout with energizing poses and sequences using breath and muscle. Experience creative yoga transitions that lengthen, strengthen, and center the mind and the body. Our flow begins light and slow then advances to deeper poses that build upon each other. With our Vital Vinyasa Flow Yoga you will lengthened the spine and create a stronger core, loosen nerve blocks and improve your energy.

Vital Vinyasa Slow Flow Yoga

Just like our Flow, but with slower sequences designed for all age levels and abilities.

Vital Power Yoga

Power Yoga combines dynamic athletic moves using moderate weights with mentally challenging yoga poses, connecting the physical to the mental. All classes are set to an upbeat playlist. Expect a flowing and mindful yoga practice with energized movement and self-discovery. From this class you’ll experience enhanced muscle strength and flexibility. You’ll burn a high amount of calories and increase your stamina. You’ll also achieve a focused, clear, and balanced mind.


This fast-paced, high-energy class, set to motivating music, combines your favorite Barre moves with TRX to deliver a balanced full-body workout.

Pilates Mat

Pilates Mat focuses on developing core strength, flexibility, balance and stamina, utilizing various props (foam rollers, flex bands, yoga blocks, pilates circles). You will learn to be aware of breathing patterns and spinal alignment while engaging the deep muscles of the core.